Tutorials ’n Freestuff

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All about tutorials.


Adobe Learn
Designertoday – Graphic Design Tutorials.
Motionworks – AE / Photoshop / Illustrator / Cinema 4D.
Mt Mograph – AE en Cinema 4D.
Livetechaustralia – Verschillende tutorials, AE.
Gibbon – Great tutorials and artikels from creative people.
Skillshare – Ooit nog voor aanmelden, allerlei tutorials.
Shapeshed – Site met verschillende zelf leren artikelen.
Interactive video tutorial
Tutorial Magazine
Drawspace – Drawing lessons.
Coursera – Everything.
Creativecrash – Maya 3d en andere tutorials.
3dtotal – Tutorials.
3dmd – Maya 3D tutorials.
Tutsplus – Verschillende tutorials.
Digitaltutors – Verschillende tutorials.
Tutorialhero – Verschillende tutorials.
Ultimate Maya 3D Collection
Edgedocks – Adobe Edge Animate Tutorials.
EdgeCommons – Adobe Edge Animate Freebies.
Adobe Tutorials
EdgeCommons – GitHub free scripts.

CSS3 Generator
CSS Tricks
Noupe – Artikelen en tutorials over onderhoud websites etc.
HTML5 – Gotoandlearn.


Blend tool
Vectips – Website met vector tutorials.
Clipping masks
Fluid masks
Ndesign Studio
Mastering Illustrator Effects
Watercolor Portraits
20 Superb Tutorials
A Master Of Vector Art – 25 tutorials.


Alfoart – Next level Graphic Design.
Designinstruct – Design website & Freebies.
Vandelaydesign – Design website + Freebies.
Devlounge – Designers blog.
Paultrani – Designer weblog + tutorials.

Slodive – Design website; Freebies, Tutorials and more.
Cutting out hair in Photoshop – Spoongraphics.
Tutsplus – Website met design tutorials.
Spoongraphics – Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials.
Webdesign – Photoshop Tutorials.
50 Graphic Design Theory Lessons – Mad Mind Studios.
Photoshop Basics
Veerle Graphic Design Tutorials
Blueblots – Photoshop Tutorials.
50 Must See Designer Tutorials

Designinstruct – Design website & Freebies.
Slodive – Design website; Freebies, Tutorials and more.
Fabric Textures
Heroturko – All sorts of freebies.
Simonfosterdesign – Textures.

Chank – Fonts.
20 Free Fonts – Ideal for logos and headings.
Free High Quality Fonts
Modern Clean Fonts
Gill – Mooie lettertype
Misstiina – Free fonts.
Typekit – Futura, mooie font.
Adobe Edge Webfonts


Duduf – Animatie effect, soepel lopen. (bone structure)
Animade – Bedrijf dat toffe animaties maakt.
12 Animation Principles
Mt Mograph

After Effects

Simonsaysfx – AE tutorials.
ECAbrams – AE tutorials.
3D Camera Tracker
Presentations – Templates.


Film Riot – Weekly show with tutorials.
Johnaugust – Examples film projects. (documents)
Wolfcrow – Verschillende tutorials/artikelen over film.
Infinite Black Backdrop
Filmmaking tuts & tips – Vincentlaforet.
Filming B-Roll
Technicolor’s Cine Style
Cine Style – Nofilmschool.
Lens Wacking
Basic Cinematography tips
Picturestyle Tests
Footage like the Arri Alexa – Nofilmschool.
What is a LUT – Nofilmschool.
Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking Nog zien.
Camera Metering
Filter Lenses
Getting more from your EOS camera
Crew of One – Filmmaking tutorials.
Vimeo Video School
Filmmakeriq – Online filmmaking courses.
Film Philosophy – Online articles.
Fotosloep – DOF meten + andere artikelen.
Magic Lantern HDR Workflow

Follow Focus – Film Riot.

‣ Depending on the scene (but more often than not), we tend to drop the saturation to -2 when using Canon L and EF lenses. The rest we leave at -1.

‣ -2 saturation with the L series glass.

‣ The Zeiss lenses are very contrasty, so I will change my Picture style to contrast all the way down when I use those.

‣ High key – sitcoms, happy, bright.. – Lage contrasten en schaduwen.
‣ Low key – thrillers, drama.. – Harde contrasten en schaduwen.


Story Structure – Nofilmschool.
4 steps to great content – Vimeo Video School.


Colorgrading / correction

Philiph Bloom – Colorgrading.
Saturation / Curves, Wolfcrow – Colorgrading explained.
3 way Color Correction
Film Riot Colorgrading
Adobe Colorcorrection

Film Riot Tips & Tricks
Film Riot Proximity Colorgrading – & Colorista II.
LUT Buddy – Redgiant.

Film Riot Color GradingGuy video.
Film Riot Color GradingPlane video, also with masks.
DSLR Video – Cinematic Color Grading, Neumannfilms.

Davidvickers – Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve.
Davinci Resolve & LUTS

Colorista II

Basics of Color Correction
1. Desaturate – Turn off after Curves.
2. Curves – More contrast, less shadows, more midtones and highlights.
3. Leave it – Open Colorista.
– 1. Drop primary exposure.
– 2. Adjust wheels – Shadow orange for warm color, highlight blue for bleu sky.
– 3. Primary saturation, desaturate.

1 . New – Solid, color black – Optical flare. (Add, as sun)

1. Denoise with www.neatvideo.com.
2. Add film grain.


Beauty Light
Top 10 Lighting Tutorials – Indy Mogul.
Nofilmschool – Use a Marble to control the lighting.